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These come from the public files from the Canmeph 2 Govermental Tracking Agency, which keeps track of every citizen and military personell. Inside, you'll see a pattern: A name, a species name if need be, a military rank, and a class designation. The characters themselves have added a description about themselves, and a snapshot.

RedWolf Sandra Terry Cynthia Gappa Tomay


Descriptions by RedWolf

I'm glad that I bailed out Shotgun Shells, a good brewpub in D.C. only a few blocks away from the main Freedom Mall and Schlock Mama Hospital. WolfSkunks Sidearm (Civilian Nali), Admiral Shotgun (Army, retired), and Cmdr. Dyna (Police, Detective) handle almost all the day by day workings, while I concentrate on their fiances and sometimes pour a few of the drinks myself. All of us, including Terry and Sandra, have up-to-date bartender licences. Sidearm's a bit of an impatent Civil Enginner, who just loves to litterally toss out the fighting idiots onto the street. Shotgun started Shotgun Shells, but couldn't manage it very well. But shi's a knowedgeable old coot who didn't want to age gracefully. Dyna's assigned to us, actually, after several stressful incidents that landed hir in the hospital. We don't pay hir, but shi likes it here; we may hire hir after shi retires from the force. WolfSkunk Aquin is a retired Army Major who's created the Celebrated Oddities Group, a group I'm proud to be with. Why do you say that? Aquin's a vet' of the Squishy War, and one who I saved. If you want to know how bad it was, watch "Starship Troupers" and remove the fascist, totalitarian nature of the military. I was there when Aquin aquired the distinct knowledge of having a live grenade richochet back into hir waist. Go ahead and say ouch. I was there and saved hir life, transportaling to the 4077th MASH unit to reconnect hir spine and put in some emergency blood vessles, and then transportaling to Schlock Mama for reconstruction. Lets just say I ended that war within a month. Aquin's only missing hir waist -- hir spine, stomach, intestines, kidneys, et al are rerouted through hir tail, which produces an intresting effect. I have a feeling shi could serve well as Babylon Alpha's newest CO as a Commander in the CMSC.
WolfSkunk Mehlinda's a good young friend, who interned with Cheif Justice Cricklade and... well... the internship ended but the job continued. Shi's taking night classes to be a fully licenced Private Investigator. Hir knack for finding lost items, something Locator class WolfSkunks have, comes very much in handy with CL.
Cheif Justice WolfSkunk Cricklade's an all knowing student, who's kind of like a godfather to me. Shi came from an old town in England with hir name, and is the first stable Oracle ever. That generation started the stable Oracles, and they've been a boon to the Judical system. After a burnout forced hir to take a coma-induced vacation, shi's scaled back the court's schedule and instutuded several vacation perious in which shi always takes... sometimes with Mehlinda in tow.
Dr. WolfSkunk Expander is Shotgun's older sibling, who became an expert surgeon, even with the Encapsulated Surgical Unit. However, shi's been slipping a bit since I arrived. Shi now knows better, and teaches new surgeons. I hear shi's considering Dr. Tandin to be the head surgeon at the Sol 3 Consulate, but I also hear that the Dryger, Dr. Michail Markov, may also be asked to join because of his skills.
WolfSkunk Stryker is my little sib from the same family I was born to. We've always had an odd lot of siblings. Sib's a Historian, but also a Polymorph; when shi had hir final growth spurt hir body split into two, connected at the tail. Shi suffers from a mind schitzophrenia, which nicknames one body "Yin" and the other "Yang". This is prounounced in hir cooking for the Loft, Shotgun Shell's more refined restraunt, which shi also manages. Boy, does shi cook! Come on, have some dinner!

(Pic missing)

Silencer's an old buddy of RedWolf when they were training in the CMSC. RedWolf became Special Ops, while Silencer went into the Tactical corps, but both were part of the Big Sisters group. Silencer's a very good swordsman, some say a natural ninja.


Occasonally I'll draw in a few other characters from a comic strip, and let their creators know of their appearances.
Fiona Bruno the Bandit
Sam Freefall
Frank Cho, Dean, Ralph, and Leslie Liberty Meadows
Dude, the Geek, and others Nitrozac's After y2k
Doug Winger, noted furry artist
Tagon and Schlock Schlock Mercinary

A note about the Dryger species: They are inspired by the Drahum species by Aida de Ridder, especially her peice marked Adrhal (on Yerf). To make sure it is seprate from her Adrhal work, these artistic changes were made: the horns were removed, the tail thickened, the hands changed to include the five-finger/one thumb style, and the legs changed to a proper weretiger(aka digitalgrade). A species write-up is in the works.