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Hey, what about both?


In the 22nd century, humans made contact. However, it was the reverse -- the WolfSkunks traveled to Earth, now named Sol 3, and made contact to find out about one nagging question: Why were the WolfSkunks picking up "I Love Lucy" on their deep scanning radio telescopes?!?

However, unknown to everyone, a WolfSkunk had already landed. Hir name? WolfSkunk RedWolf. But this isn't any normal WolfSkunk. By birth, shi is a Polymorphic WolfSkunk, with the added quirk of being every class of WolfSkunk there is. But in hir mind is a human male mind, wondering Why was I made to be this way? I don't want to be a hero!!!

After a few decades, RedWolf's history was uncovered when Sol 3 sent hir to "investigate." Shi was trained, taught the ways of the culture, and enlisted into the WolfSkunk StarFleet (now CanMeph Star Command). After two wars, RedWolf was given one mission: Return to Sol 3, and be a teaching ambassador so that more will understand their open ways.

Durring the time in Sol 3, shi meets two other "furs:" Sandra Felis(a Dryger) and Terry Pinn (a wereterrapin). With the age-old problems, both at the University of Maryland Campus, Shotgun Shells, and the two worlds in general, you have to wonder...

Is RedWolf the hero we need?

Stalag '99 started off as something to do while bored in class, and grew over the years to be not only an experimental cartoon, but a true story-telling media.

Initally, Stalag '99 was of one character, RedWolf. Early on, shi was a he, unsure of how he got changed from being human to being a shapeshifter. Great time to be in college, eh? There he met Testudo, the UMCP terrapin mascot... or more likely the statue infront of McKeldin Library animated through some strange reason. There was little if any plot. In these days, the strip was called "Campus RedWolf" or something similar (I forget). The strip itself was proof-of-concept; I no longer have the pics, no would I show it. My artwork itself was still "evolving."

After a few years, in 1997, I popped up a "every so often" editorial 'toon called "Existance in Hell," which spoofed Matt Groeing's work and Eric Blumrich's own series. It was short lived. In that time, the WolfSkunk species came to be. An example is availible in PNG format.

In 1999, the problems borne by the University of Maryland College Park became more and more evident to all students. Taking my pencil again, I drafted a few strips and posed them up on Furnation with a mirror on Geocities. Surprizingly, it was turning out well. I went in and continued on, drafing primairly editorial strips up to around March 2000, where my mind actually started thinking about a plot or twenty and how the strip can serve as an experiment. It would be an expansion of my WolfSkunk species and how hermaphrodites would be if they acted normally, like normal beings (like you and me) and much unlike sex sluts.

You may say that I'm turning out like Ian MacDonald's Bruno The Bandit. Can I say he's influencial? To whit, I've drawn Fiona in the strip and sent it off to him, while also cross-linking.

Since it's inception, Stalag '99 has grown to have some contributing authors...