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Wereterrapin Male

Even though I looks twenty-something, I've been around since the campus was only an agricultual school. However, I would always get a cold or something that would knock me out of finals week, earning me the longest streak of Incompletes. Somehow, when RedWolf came, I was able to attend finals, and actually make up all the old ones in just one summer. I split my time between being a mascot for the UMCP teams and being a part-time lawyer. I've been able to cut the campus's legal bill considerably just by knowing my campus history. No apartment management company wants to cross me -- not only do students come to me to help with all the legaleze of the lease agreements, they come to me to settle disputes with their landlords. Maybe it's the sound of a well-oiled Subpoena Launcher I use, or maybe it's my nice 95% win rate. I keep my office outside of campus, and I live with RedWolf and Sandra because of the overcrowding the campus has. I swear, if I have to sue over the overcrowding, it's going to be a class action suit...