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If I may introduce myself, if you may. I am Captian WolfSkunk Tomay, of the Canmeph 2 Intelegence Monitoring Department of the Navy (CMNC). The higher-ups got wind of me being spotted, and felt a full disclosure to you, the audience, would be benficial.  
  Well, what can I say about myself? I'm a Bond WolfSkunk. I was born to be a spy. I could of chosen another profession, but something inside me urged me to be the watchful, gathering eye. And no, it wasn't my four eyes. I have a few friends who are normal Observers, who've I chatted over a cup of tea and crumpets. It's just that my class, my breed is part displacer beast.

Now, I could say "NRRRRRRLLLLL!!!!!" like any Frankenstein ($DEITY, that was a monster of a problem), but I'll spare you the expense of replacing your soda and popcorn.  
  If you don't know about displacer beasts, they're four-armed, four-eyed felines with sharp claws and tenticles ending in ponds dripping with acid. Not a good sight. Not a good sight at all.

The problem is that some mad geneticst got hold of one and created the Bond class. If you think we grew up this way, think again. We were MADE by a long-dead scientist several generations ago.  
  Sixteen of us were made, and one of us killed the scientist. A monster, legend says, more displacer beast than WolfSkunk. A modified Philosopher... and unfortunately, quite insane.

Some people overheard the commotion and came to the mad geneticst's aid, but the beast left out a window as they saw it, leaving hir dead. Legend says that the monster roams the forest behind the castle we were found in, and bays at the full moon at times.  
  To make a long story short, the fifteen remaining Bonds were found by a SputWolfSkunk, where an instant kindship was forged. We were given an education, a full life, and a family which a Sput was part of the group. When we matured, we all met... and decided to go into the military as repayment.

Our abilties forced the formation of the intelegence group, but every year the remaining first-generation Bonds search the grounds of the castle where we origionated, looking for the monster that killed our creator before shi could be taken to justice. Haloween is that day -- the day we were discovered. As of this date, we have never found the monster.  

How do I know all of this? I'm the oldest Bond, the last of the first generation. Remember my story, young WolfSkunk and Dryger, and keep your claws sharp. You never know when the monster may strike...