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Species: Dryger (Canis Mephit)
Class: Everything Polymorphic (w/Headtail, others unidentified)
Age: 21
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Height: 12', but can range between 6' and 24'
Build: Mix of muscular male and toned female. Has a large bust line, but strong chest and back (and even then, they're inflated)
Weight: Aproximately 600 Sol 3/Earth pounds.
Fur: Patterned off of a white tiger. Headfur is a purple/pink.
Clothing: Varies with task. Usually a tanktop and a pair of cutoffs. When piloting the CMMV Valkarie, wears a Japanese-style uniform.
-- Canmephian standard issue PDA/Communicator.
Special powers:
POLYMORPHIC -- can assume any reasonable shape (and some unreasonable ones, too). Side effect of occasonal shapeshifing while sleeping
'NET CONNECTIVY -- Like a computer, running FreeBSD as the core OS in hir mind, shi is able to use any method of connectivity to the Internet.
CLAWS -- 'Nuff said.
Special objects:
ORIENTAL SWORD -- Useful for slicing bread, coconuts, rogue androids, and people.
History: Sandra's father, Ivan, came from Canmeph 2 to Sol 3 in an accident involving a WolfSkunk ship. Ivan crash-landed in Texas, and was able to recover by being a 9' weretiger. There, he managed to assimulate into the local population, and found Katrina (a tiger survivor of Chenobyl). They married and had Sandra... which was born herm, but forced to be a female by surgery and hormones. Those hormones had a bad effect... every year (until now) shi uncontrollably shapeshifted to Tygris, a rather buff weretiger eunich. Shi did work hir way through college, though, and met RedWolf -- eventually moving in when the college overcrowding situation pushed hir, RedWolf, and Terry Pinn out. The Y2K bug then landed on Sandra, leading to discover who shi really was... and the power to fix alot of the problems that have occured throught hir life.

Sandra, default morph.