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Werecougar Female
Assuming Nali mutation.

Even though I haven't appeared in the strip yet, I'm slated to come in soon. Therefore, I'm going to let you know about little ol' me.

I'm a near 7' tall Werecougar born to a crackhead mother and a drunkard father who liked to experiment, according to the records Terry could get for me. Thankfully, I was immedately taken away and put into a foster home by Social Services, but with my supposedly wacked out brain, the four arms, and double chest, it was hard to find a suitable home. I ended up with the short end of the stick many times, a education from the School of Hard Knocks, a GED, and...

*sniff* This is very hard for me...

RedWolf here. Cynthia's a bit shy with all that has happened to her. She's had more than her fair share of abusive parents. Some of them stopped her education, making her start college from the very bottom rung of the ladder. By the time I met her, she was struggling through the semester; most of her time was spent dealing with her foster parents. That's when she met me and Terry...

However, I think once we get Cynthia out of her shell, we'll find out what she is capable of.