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Species: WolfSkunk
(Canis Mephit)
Class: Everything Polymorphic
(w/Draconic, Python, Hentai, Headtail, others unidentified)
Age: 25 (acts like that, body age unknown)
Gender: Hermaphrodite

Height: 12', but can range between 6' and 24'
Build: Mix of muscular male and toned female. Has a large bust line, but strong chest and back (and even then, they're inflated)
Weight: Aproximately 600 Sol 3/Earth pounds.
Fur: WolfSkunkish. Primary color Tuscan Red, Secondary color cream/greyish red Eyes: Brown, but due to being part Oracle, glow bright white when angry/PO'ed.
Clothing: Varies with task. Usually a tanktop and a pair of cutoffs. With offical CMSC operations, a Babylon 5-like uniform.
-- Gold bar pin on the right strap of the tanktop (otherwize over CommPin or on collar), with four blue lines (indicating CMSC Admiral, all fields).
CMSC COMMPIN -- on left strap (or side), consisting of a WolfSkunk paw ontop of a bar (with a cast starfield) with pointed ends.
Special powers:
POLYMORPHIC -- can assume any reasonable shape (and some unreasonable ones, too). Side effect of occasonal shapeshifing while sleeping
'NET CONNECTIVY -- Like a computer, running Linux as the core OS in hir mind, shi is able to use any method of connectivity to the Internet. Due to the RedWolf Key Accident of 5972, is able to connect to most any computer as "root" or "head admin."
MAZOR INSIDE -- Able to focus the background radaition into a mazor a-la Ensby of Schlock Mercinary.
SPUTWOLFSKUNK SPRAY -- Not only nausiating, but enlightening as well. Expect to only ask questions for about six hours.
Special objects:
BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA -- Documented in RL via the Journal of Irreproducable Results, this small wooden box with a lid on it contains one hungry black hole. Only RedWolf can open it, and shi has to be really PO'ed to do it.
MODIFIED LUGER 45 -- Modified to be a larger Gauss/gunfoam weapon.
PC-186 -- Plasma Cannon. Makes an "Ominous Hummm". Amazes (maims) and astounds (punches big holes in whatever you aim at).
PALMOS PDA -- Auxiliary Backup Brain.
PENGUIN PLUSHIE -- For the kids.
LUMBER CARTEL (TINLC) OFFICAL WOODEN MALLET (TANLCOWM) -- A wooden sledge-o-matic on steroids.
History: Best sung to Bohemian Rhapsody.

RedWolf, default morph, with an experimental Boogieboard.