Hiring Speakers

Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price can be hired for speaking at conferences or business events, as well as general computer consulting. My speaking rates will depend on the event and the nature of the event. Topics range from basic Linux operation, to using open source programs (Linux, Gimp, etc) to create web and print comics.

Getting RedWolf to Attend Your Event

The minimal requirements are that you pay all my travel, hotel, and living expenses. Some conferences seem to think they are so important I should wish to pay to attend them. Most of the time I think they're rather deluded, while there are a very few which I try to make myself on my own time. If you are not willing to pay expenses, try another speaker.

Travel expenses means flight or train costs and travel to and from the airport. I must insist people pay in advance because of the current state of air travel.

Hotel expenses means my basic hotel costs, food, and any other random charges they decide to accrue. That need not include international phone calls (if the event is not in the United States). If you are short of funds, I am quite happy staying with someone.

Things that make me more likely to attend

  • Paying for me for a few extra days so that I can see the area and do other things while I am present. This may actually save you money anyway due to the wacky way air fares work.
  • Being somewhere interesting and unique.
  • Being somewhere that doesn't get all the conferences already.
  • Providing internet access.
  • If your event is fee-based then also having a separate free unrelated session with the local user group or similar people.
  • Making the talk available after some time on the web or in mp3 format.

Things that make me less likely to attend

  • Sending me invitations in MS Word or other closed-spec format, instead of RTF, PDF, Postscript, HTML, or plain text.
  • Needless paperwork. If you need me to fill in lots of paperwork to make you happy then expect me to feed it to the shredder instead.
  • Telling me I cannot release copies of the talk afterwards, which is against the Open Source philosophy.

Intrested? Contact me. No unsolicitated commercial spam, please -- mention this site.